Maralorns Blog

Welcome! I am maralorn, a mathematical physicist, programmer and amateur musician.

Occasionally I write a post in this blog. I try to tag all my posts with one of the following categories, so that you can filter:

tech: I am a programing language connoisseur and Open Source developer. I program mostly in Haskell and I am a user and maintainer of NixOS.

non-tech: Everything else I care about, including, but not limited to: humans, communication, society, ethics and philosophy.

Posts can appear in English or in German, which you can also filter by.

All thoughts reflect my current best guess at time of writing. They are written with the intent of mutual gain of knowledge and with no ill intention. I do my best to tune my opinion whenever I can, so please reach out if you have anything to criticise, correct, add or opine.

Recent Posts

My Vision for the Future of Programing Languages

A description of a fictitious future programing language.

20 June 2021 • en • ~6 mintechunisonhaskellfragnixgrin


Traue keiner Studie, die Du nicht selbst gefälscht hast …

13 June 2017 • de • ~6 minnon-techstatistics