I maintain the following projects:


You can find the taskwarrior Haskell library on Hackage, my git server and GitHub.


A nifty little tool written in Haskell for making nix-build output more informative. It’s packaged in nixpkgs and you can contribute on GitHub or see the code on my git server.


A matrix bot which watches the nixpkgs repo on GitHub and informs you about PR progress. You can use it by starting a chat with


I have a fairly extensive and intricate config for nixos and home-manager on all my systems.


You can find the source to this statically generated blog using Haskell on my git server.


I am one of (thankfully) several co-maintainers of the Haskell packages for nixos.

Recent Posts

A Lack of Democracy

We are used to a lot of decisions in this world being made by people with money. I think this is bad, especially if it kills us.

17 June 2023 • en • ~4 minnon-techeconomyAI

Tough Choices and Disappointment

When you are confronted with a tough choice, it might be helpful to accept that you have been disappointed. Disclaimer: This post contains ideas about how one could think. I do not claim that reading this article will help with thinking this way.

23 December 2021 • en • ~4 minnon-techrationality

My Vision for the Future of Programing Languages

A description of a fictitious future programing language.

20 June 2021 • en • ~6 mintechunisonhaskellfragnixgrin


Traue keiner Studie, die Du nicht selbst gefälscht hast …

13 June 2017 • de • ~6 minnon-techstatistics